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Tourist Chick Gets Straight Up BODIED By An Elephant

You got…………JACKED UP! And that’s why doing things is overrated. And that’s why going places is overrated. And that’s why petting wild animals is a bad idea. And that’s why elephants are awesome. That elephant had no time for that touristy white lady. He knows what he likes and he knows what he doesn’t like. He sure as shit doesn’t like some random pale-bodied broad walking up to him and washing his trunk. Lookings for free. Touchings gonna cost you. You can’t just immediately go for the trunk. The trunk is the money maker. The trunk is what elephants are famous for. You gotta work your way up to the trunk. Maybe cup the balls a little bit. Also, I alway thought elephants were calm creatures despite weighing as much as a house. Apparently that couldn’t be less true. He bodied the fuck outta her.