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Paris Hilton On The Comeback Trail With The Underboob? I'm In

Paris Hilton is such an enigma. She sucked some cock, made some sex tapes, had that reality show, and was in the news/the most famous celebrity on Earth for a solid year or two. Then she decided to be a DJ, basically moved to Ibiza, and hasn’t really been heard from for quite some time. Thinking about it, she has completely stayed out of the news for several year now, save for when it came out she makes millions upon millions of dollars as a DJ. Down ass stupid money.

But she still, at 35 years old, can bring absolute heat. I’ve always had a thing for her, it sucks she’s 35, but she’s still hot as hell. And looks like she’s all about the underboob and cleavage game in 2017, which is a trend I can get behind.

Underboob: Check

Sideboob: Check

Straight up cleavage: Check and check

Might be wild because she’s 35, but I’m BUYING Paris Hilton stock in 2017. Let’s see what happens.