Shoutout To This Guy In A Marijuana Sasquatch Costume Who Crashed A Live News Report

I’m not a pot (pot? What are the cool kids calling it these days? Don’t want to sound like total a herb) guy, just makes me too tired, but I gotta tip my cap to them sometimes and this is such a time. Pot guys LOVE telling everyone they’re a pot guy. In fact, they’re kinda like early versions of vegans or crossfitters. Back in the day, “do you smoke?” was like the first question anyone asked, everyone had pot leaves on their lighters and hanging on posters in their dorms and legalize it tattoos. Pot dudes love being pot dudes, they love it so much that they’ll create (buy?) a marijuana sasquatch outfit and run out into a blizzard to let you know how much they love it. Anyone who does anything but order food and watch movies in a snowstorm has a dedication to a cause that I’ve got no choice but to respect.