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TheMagiciPod.Com Is One Of The Greatest Things On The Internet

Basketball Twitter is the fucking best. On any given night you never know what it’s going to give you, but you know it will always be wildly entertaining. Well, that tweet right there, completely changed everything you thought you knew about the internet. That website set basketball Twitter on fire last night and I don’t want to exaggerate but it might be one of the best things the internet has ever produced.

Mashups are nothing new, but absolutely every single combination on this site is simply incredible. The song choices are beyond perfect. What a trip down memory lane this is for these two genres.

Screen Shot 2017-02-10 at 12.45.30 AM

Did you know about this thing? I sure as hell didn’t and if you did and didn’t tell anybody that makes you quite the asshole. It’s Friday, this will easily take half your day, and here are some combinations I would recommend (in no particular order)

1. Touch The Sky x Seven Nation Army

2. Real Slim Shady + All-Star

3. Get Low x Hey There Delilah

4. X Gon Give It To Ya x Snow (Hey Oh)

5. Country Grammar x Sugar We’re Going Down

6. 99 problems x Thousand Miles

7. Overnight Celebrity x Soul Meets Body

8. X Gon Give It To Ya x Thousand Miles

9. In Da Club x Snow (Hey Oh)

10. 99 Problems x Island In The Sun

But like I said it’s impossible to pick a bad combo. Is there an amazing one I didn’t list? Let us all share our creations. Enjoy.