Lady Just Casually Starts Breastfeeding A Piglet On Live TV

How do you cut away from that? How? That’s some bullshit. I’m not saying I want to see that lady breastfeed a piglet on live TV but I at least want to have the option. That’s what the internet is all about. Options. This place is supposed to have everything and that includes a lady breastfeeding a piglet on live TV. You can find countless videos of people dying on the internet but that camera guy thinks it’s too much to see an animal of one species feed an animal of a different species a little milk? I will say that the video is extra weird because we can’t understand what they’re saying so there’s no context. We don’t know what’s happening. She could be a hero for all we know. She could be saying, “I HAVE TO GIVE THIS PIGLET MY BREAST MILK OR HE’S GONNA DIE!” That would change things, right? Right. Exactly. We don’t have the whole story. We certainly don’t have the whole video.

This dude loved the show and now I’m really jealous we all missed it

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