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Charles Oakley Reportedly Arrested And Charged With 3 Counts Of Assault But Will Not Spend The Night In Jail

Even New York’s Finest know Dolan is pure evil and are supporting Oak.

Okay so based on those tweets, I guess Oak is getting charged but won’t have to spend the night in jail? That’s a good thing, because even though I love the place (or at least used to), I was ready to tear the Garden down to the ground #brickbybrick if Oakley was charged. Would I feel bad if the Rangers would have to play their home games somewhere else? I guess. No reason they can’t play in Central Park. But destroying the World’s Most Famous Arena would have all been worth it just to see that sniveling, cowardly, Ewok looking motherfucker Dolan surrounded by the rubble of MSG and millions of angry Knicks fans ready to toss his ass into the Hudson. We can build a new Garden but we can’t build a winning franchise with James Dolan still in charge.

Give the people what they want!

Free Oakley.