Charles Oakley Reportedly Went After James Dolan At The Knicks Game And Got Kicked Out Of MSG By Security

FUCK HIM UP OAK! KILL EVERYONE!!! I don’t know if it’s true that he was going after James Dolan or not, but could there possibly be a better player to lead the Anti Dolan charge than Oak? The biggest Knicks fan favorite I have ever seen in my life who also happens to be the baddest motherfucker on the planet. He is the hero Knicks fans deserve, need, want, have dreamed of, etc. Oak wasn’t even looking for a fight and it still took a gaggle of security guards to get him out of MSG. A full GAGGLE. Probably armed with elephant tranquilizers from when the circus was in town.

God I hope Oakley keeps fucking up security guards back stage, rips Dolan in half and ends up taking down the entire Garden and destroys it into rubble. Rebuild this franchise from the ground up (KP, Willy, O’Quinn, Baker, and Kuz escape unharmed in this fantasy).

And look at the propaganda machine already at work. FUCK YOU DOLAN! FREE OAKLEY! FREE OAKLEY! FREE OAKLEY!!!


#FuckYouDolan #FreeOakley #FirePhil #TradeMelo #FuckThisFranchise

The baddest man on the planet


The worst man on the planet

Who ya got?