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What Should Be The Punishment for the Guys Who Stole Our Goodell Clown Shirt?



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In all my years in the tshirt business this may be the most ballsy, obnoxious, blatant thievery in the history of mankind. These fuckers aren’t just ripping off our Clown shirt and pretending that Matt Patricia is wearing theirs, they are actually saying it’s the only place you can buy it.  Seriously it’s so over brazen almost have to respect it. Especially when we’ve been selling it literally for 2 years straight. When virtually every single Patriot fan knows it’s our shirt. And yet they still spent thousands on a facebook marketing campaign promoting it like it was theirs all along. I literally can’t log on to facebook without seeing their ad and we’re getting hammered with emails from Stoolies being like you see this shit?  They don’t even have the right color. It’s turquoise not blue. It would be like robbing a bank and then and opening a checking deposit with the money you stole before you even left the bank. BALLSY. I don’t say this much but hopefully these dudes die a horrible painful death. I think they’ve earned it. And yes heavy is the head that wears the crown.

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