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Anderson Cooper: Trump "Watches Me On CNN More Than My Mom Watches Me On CNN"

I understand you might not be inclined to watch a 5 minute clip, so below I have jotted down the highlight marks.

For the record, big Anderson Cooper guy. Love that dude. It’s easy for lazy haters to point at AC and say “oh of course Anderson Cooper hates Trump,” which is bullshit. He’s a fucking phenomenal journalist/anchor and hearing his thoughts on the first few weeks since Trump’s taken over (and since Trump’s aggressively called his network fake news) is intriguing.

There are several different moments I find fascinating and important. They’re listed here not chronologically, but in order of importance as determined by me.

2:51 mark:

Great little back-and-forth. Yes everyone wants to jump down the Trump Administration’s throats for every little thing, but this whole narrative of the press VS the White House is not unique. It’s not new. It’s not unprecedented. This happens to some degree to every administration, and this Anderson Cooper anecdote is a great and timely example of that.

:20 second mark, AC talks about Trump and CNN.

It’s concerning and weird that Trump watches so much cable TV.

1:11 mark, the Trump bathrobe controversy.

It’s not concerning and weird that he does it in a bathrobe, it’s concerning and weird that Spicer felt the need to lie about it.

3:50 mark, AC essentially describes why it’s bullshit that Trump calls CNN fake news.

Intriguing little interview from Anderson Cooper. Always interesting to hear from those that cover the news, outside the sphere of them covering the news.