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One-Armed 8th Grader Throws It DOWN On A Sick Breakaway

GOD DAMN! I SAID GOD DAMN! I clicked on that video to watch a one-armed kid dunk and a mother fucking And 1 Mixtape broke out. Mercy. No bullshit, I went into that video expecting one of those things where they let the one-armed kid have his moment. You know the moments I’m talking about. The ones where the defense stops playing and gives the kid his chance. NOPE. Literally the opposite. Full game speed and full game rules. That dude has better handles than a guy with three arms. That behind-the-back was so silky smooth. Just that by itself would’ve made for an unbelievable video but then he goes all Vince Carter. The angle for this blog was gonna be, “Wow. Those two-armed kids can’t guard a one-armed kid” and I feel the total opposite now. I don’t wanna get caught up in hyperbole but that kid might have a shot at playing in the league.