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It's Only February and Johns Hopkins Already Scored The Best Lacrosse Goal Of The Year


Joel Tinney is a junior at Hopkins. If the name doesn’t sound THAT familiar to you, it’s because he had to sit out all of his sophomore season with a suspension. But he’s back this year and already putting the entire lacrosse world on notice with this goal. Fooled pretty much everybody except for the camera man with this one.


I mean… that poor goalie. Pretty disrespectful for a Canadian to treat the future American Armed Forces like that. But what a goal. It’s week 1 of the 2017 College Lacrosse season and we’re already getting A1 hidden ball trick goals. Buckle up, folks. Gonna be a helluva ride this year.

P.S. – Is Joel Tinney a better swimmer than Michael Phelps? MY COLUMN: