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"No Days Off" is the Next Great Catchphrase


To be a great leader is to be able to take complex concepts and boil them down to simple terms to inspire the masses. All the men who changed the world throughout the ages have had this ability. “I came, I saw, I conquered.” “All men are created equal.” “I have a dream.” “Brick by brick.”

Well no one has ever expressed his genius-level philosophies into easily digestible catchphrases like Bill Belichick. It’s been as much a hallmark of his career as championships. “It is what it is.” “We’re onto Cincinnati.” “Do your job.” They’ve not only inspired his troops, they’ve been stolen, co-opted and copied by lesser mortals to the point they’re part of the lexicon.

And this will be no exception. When you stand before a throng of people who took personal days or banged in sick to hear you speak and lead them in a chant of “No days off,” you are the mayor of Catchphrase City. I promise you this just inspired the next Patriots DVD, Barstool t-shirt and my first tattoo.

P.S. I’m not ruling out this being deemed a violation of the collective bargaining agreement and costing the Patriots draft picks. But it’s still worth it. No! Days! Off! No! Days! Off!