Shout Out To Christie Brinkley For Posing For The SI Swimsuit Issue With Her Daughters And Still Bringing Her Fastball At The Age Of 63

SI- One of the most famous SI Swimsuit icons is back in a bikini, and this time she’s brought her daughters! That’s right. The legendary Christie Brinkley, 63-years-young, is returning to the pages of SI Swimsuit, and out to prove that age is nothing more than a number.

Christie, who appeared in the magazine eight times between 1975-2004, is best known for her record three consecutive SI Swimsuit covers in 1979, 1980 and 1981. Up until that point, no SI Swimsuit model had ever been on the cover even twice in a row when then-SI Swimsuit editor Jule Campbell decided to put Christie on the front three years in a row. And in yet another first for the brand, Christie is joined by daughters Sailor Brinkley Cook (age 18) and Alexa Ray Joel (31). The SI Swimsuit icon revealed that the whole shoot was a dream come true for her.

First off let me just say that I will try my hardest to not act holier than thou for the way Sports Illustrated objectifies women in the swimsuit issue. I realize that women are welcome to make their own choices, the female body is a beautiful thing, and to disparage a company for acknowledging those two things is hating in its purest form.

But hats the fuck off to Christie Brinkley for not only getting on the cover with her daughters but knocking it out of the park. Sure being an ageless banshee in the ilk of Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Beckinsale can help anyone grow the confidence needed to get on that cover. Christie was dominant back when she could have cucked Ellen Griswold a billion years ago and she still could cuck her now.

And shout out to Christie’s daughters as well. It can’t be easy knowing that there is a chance your mom could steal every ounce of your shine despite her being 12 years older than the Super Bowl. But if anyone on the planet is used to that, it’s Christie Brinkley’s kids. She was a GILF when the term MILF went mainstream. Just like Tom Brady didn’t need a 5th ring to be known as the GOAT, Christie didn’t need to dominate a cover with her two daughters to be known as the GOAT. But she did and the world is in awe because of it.

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