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Do Michigan Men Have The Thickest Semen? Well, It's Hard To Say.


Semen can be a tricky little substance. Deciding where to put your semen can be problematic. Anyone who as ever unleashed some poison from their balls knows that. Sometimes spreading it around on some tits is good while other times spreading it around on some tits can be bad, so you’re really stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

One thing is certain, the University of Michigan doesn’t want your fucking semen going down their pipes anymore. Put your semen in a rag. Put your semen in a bag. They do not want your semen. Nope. They do not want it when you soap. Spill your semen in your room. In the pipes, it’s gloom and doom. Tug your penis at any hour; just as long as you aren’t in the shower. Spread your semen far and wide. Ideally, though, spill it between some thighs. (talkin bout sex stuff)