Kirk Cousins Shoving A Ref During A Flag Football Game Is Why He's A Trillion Dollar Quarterback

kirk shove

kirk shove 2

“Kirk Cousins is too nice”, “Kirk Cousins doesn’t have the ‘it’ factor”, “Kirk Cousins wouldn’t shove a ref during a flag football game vs Doug Flutie”. Well egg on everyone else’s face. That’s shit you’ve been saying about him, not me. This guy is as competitive as the day is long. Throwing for 4,900 yards in the regular season is one thing, but it’s in the post-season (editors note: calling this flag football game the post-season is my favorite thing in the world) where it matters. First he chased down Aquib Talib in the Pro-Bowl in an all-time hustle play and now he’s getting in a ref’s grillmix during a flag football game because stripes was lost in the sauce and not calling a fair game. Look, I don’t care if it’s preseason game number 2, week 12 in the playoff chase, or a game where you’re just out there for a TV, taping a show that nobody is going is going to watch, you want your QB to lead. You want your QB to be fiery. You want your QB pushing dumbass zebras who wouldn’t know pass interference if it pulled down their pants and farted on the ref’s face. So good for Kirk for not backing down from that jabroni ass ref. When you see something, say something, and Kirk got his point across loud and clear.