This News Anchor Trying To Decode What Emojis Actually Mean To Teens Makes Me Never Wanna Get Old

Laugh out loud funny stuff but also pretty alarming. Because we can sit here and make fun of this dude for trying to understand the ways of texting teens but that chicken is coming home to roost for all of us eventually. We’re hip and with it right now but that’s gonna vanish sooner than later. You might already feel that way sometimes. I know I do. I’m not a big emoji guy so at times I feel as lost as those news anchors. The difference is those dudes feel that way 24/7/365. Texting and frog emojis and flower emojis have them completely baffled. Then if you factor in the inside jokes every individual friend group has with their emojis and it’d probably be easier to decode alien messages. The flip side of that is getting older means you don’t have to care about this shit (unless you’re one of those news anchors, of course). Like I can’t even imagine how freeing that is. I would love to throw my phone away and live completely oblivious to the fact that emojis even exist. You know what? I retract the title of this blog. Getting old is where it’s at.