The White House Turned Off The Recording During Trump's Call With Putin

Pretty cocky move to have the entire world aka Buzzfeed and CNN thinking you sucked Putin’s dick to get elected, then straight up turn off the recording when you call Putin. So cocky. You keep the recording on for when you tell Australia’s prime minster to go fuck himself but turn it right off when Putin rings in. So bold you almost have to respect it.

I’ve been saying this week that there are certain things that do not need to be transparent. Certain things a democracy living in a hostile world needs to keep private and confidential in order to effectively succeed and thrive. To stay safe. To make deals. But I’m not 100% sure the call with Putin is one of those things.

While it clearly is cocky, it’s also a little lazy/stupid/unnecessary right? Like if you want to have a real chat with Putin just have one of your guys that’s living in Moscow with Russian hookers slip him a note, “hey man play it cool this call’s being recorded, we’ll have a real call another time.” That’s a move as old as time. Putin knows how to snake it til you make it.

Instead they just turn off the recording? And fire the White House info security person? Wildly cocky/ridiculous move. Zero fucks given I guess.

PS — “Hey Donnie. Up lifting, you?”