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The Aussie That Streamed A Boxing Match On Facebook As His Cable Company Told Him To Stop Over The Phone Is The Hero The World Deserves

I know the word hero gets thrown around a lot these days, but that man right there is a hero. Guy didn’t even ask once for people to Like, Subscribe, etc. Just did it for the love of the game and his fellow man. Now I don’t know if Australia marches their important people down a Canyon of Heroes, brings them to the Sydney Opera House, or just buys then a bunch of beers and calls it a day. But that man deserves proper recognition for what he did. We have all been burnt by bad purchases when it comes to pay-per-view. Hundreds to thousands of dollars down the drain due to countless shitty cards. But as bad as it is paying for a bad fight, it is 100 times worse missing out on a great fight. The ultimate pickle. So streaming cards like this on Facebook Live is just an example of life, uh, finding a way for people to avoid lighting their money on fire for the off chance there is a good fight. And while I’m not a boxing expert, anytime the big Buffer is in town showing off his pipes, the card is legit.

While we are here, who the fuck snitched on this guy? And don’t tell me that the cable company figured this out on their own. Cable companies are the most disorganized, bumbling businesses on the planet from America to Australia to Antfuckingarctica. There is no way some employee of the cable company cracked the code of who this guy was like a detective from The Wire. Somebody spilled the beans and it honestly shakes my faith in humanity. Luckily our hero was not to be outdone and came up with the perfect plan. He simply called the operator Mate about 1000 times. I’m pretty sure you can say anything to a fellow Aussie, but as long as you end your sentence with “Mate”, it is illegal for them to get mad at you. Like even if you are caught in bed with another guy’s wife, as long as you say “She seemed like a nice lass and we wanted to go for a ride. Sorry mate”, everything is fine.