The Wizards Trolled Swaggy P All Night By Playing Iggy Azelia Songs...And Swaggy Went 1/8 From 3

Love the pettiness. Love the swagger the Wizards have now. Just winning every game, Brad Beal putting D’Angelo Russell in his back pocket

And the music guy trolling Swaggy P by playing Fancy whenever he missed a shot. And Swaggy went 1/8 from 3…so I guess it worked. Is Swaggy P a mental midget? Some would say.

The Wiz have now won 22 of their last 30, including 16 straight at home. It’s miraculous how they’re doing this. John Wall is just so fucking good, man. While the Cavs are struggling, the Wiz are souring. It’s bizarro world, and it’s awesome.