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This Patriots Fan Snuck Into Media Day Just To Thank Tom Brady For Being The GOAT

Super Bowl Media Day is always a shit show, and nobody knows that better than Barstool. Portnoy’s first and probably last Media Day was two years ago, and PFT had to sneak into Media Day this year because Roger Goodell is afraid of Barstool. I look forward to Media Day every year that the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl, which has pretty much been half of the seasons that Tom Brady has been a starting quarterback in the NFL. Not a big deal, but kind of a big deal.

And it’s because of that reign of terror that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have cast down upon the league that we have guys like this Stoolie sneaking into Media Day, specifically to find Brady, just to thank him for being the greatest quarterback in the history of the sport. I mean, this has gotta be every Patriots fans’ dream, sneaking into Media Day just to thank Tom Brady for being amazing and wishing him good luck before his seventh Super Bowl appearance.

It’s not something that any of us like to talk about, but Brady will be turning 40 years old this summer. It might not feel like it, because he’s still dominating at the highest level imaginable, but the clock is ticking. Whether we’d like to admit it or not, there isn’t much time left in the Brady Era, so if you’re not going to sneak into Media Day this year to personally thank him for being the greatest Boston sports athlete of all-time, when will you?

The answer to that question is next year when the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl, but just let me drive home the point that these are really our last few chances to soak it all in, and appreciate Tom Brady as an active player.

PS — He said he got kicked out two minutes after this. Totally worth it, though.

(h/t Adam)