Getting Blocked By The Side Of The Backboard On A Dunk Attempt Is So Bad That It's Actually Kind Of Good

I’ve watched that highlight at least 20 times now and I am still impressed. I have never seen that happen in a game nor don’t think I will ever see it again. I feel like if you tried to do that in a game, your body would instinctively stop you every time. You basically have to go against every one of your body’s reflexes to actually end up hitting the side of the backboard on a dunk.

However, maybe we shouldn’t be so surprised by this. The attempted dunker is Luigi Datome. That’s right the world famous former Piston and Celtic. That “dunk” is the epitome of a Luigi move (I can say that since I’m half Italian). If your parents named you Luigi after the first Mario Bros. came out, you are destined to fuck up in a fascinating way every so often. It’s been written in the stars.