Ian Poulter Shanking A Shot Is What I Needed To See Today

I really needed that today. Today of all days. Been a rough start so far. Yes, Tiger withdrew from yet another tournament due to back issues and the sky may or may not be falling on us Tiger fanboys once and for all BUT Ian Poulter shanked a shot to holy hell so there’s that. The golf gods giveth and the golf gods taketh away. Those two things shouldn’t be on the same level but I think they are. As long as Ian Poulter is miserable then I have a hard time being completely miserable. Did I wake up in the middle of the night and find out Tiger had withdrew (withdrawn? fuck today) becasue of back spasms? Yes. Did I tweet out that I wish someone would just put a bullet in my fucking head? Yes and I stand by that comment if anybody wants to meet up later preferably after lunch. But anytime that Ferrari-collecting, frosted tip cocksucker from the other side of the pond has a bad day, I have a good day. It’s science. So keep your head up, fellow Tiger fanboys. Not all is lost.