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Trump's Hair Growth Doctor Looks EXACTLY Like You'd Picture Trump's Hair Drug Doctor


Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 12.07.49 PM



Screen Shot 2017-02-03 at 11.57.53 AM

via NYT

Of course this is Trump’s hair drug doctor. Of course it is. This fucking guy was born to be Trump’s hair drug doctor. Guy probably checks the forecast for wind and prescribes appropriate drug dosages. All the haters and the losers aka bald people are out here playing checkers while Donnie and Dr. Bornstein are playing chess. Does this look like an accident?

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Sure doesn’t. That magnificent landscape’s created from decades of experimental trial and error, of manipulating chemical balances, of plugging hair from Trump’s balls right smack dab onto the side of his head and then pumping drugs into his system to keep those sweet follicles in place. It’s an art and Dr. Bornstein’s the artist (hair drug doctor).

Does this sound like Trump’s guy? Yep.

At times in the interviews, Dr. Bornstein was moody, ranging from saying that Mr. Trump’s health “is none of your business” to later volunteering facts.

Yeah Bornstein’s just gonna divulge to the New York Fucking Times all of Donnie’s private medical records. Sure, cuz that’s how you become Trump’s go-to medical professional.