Salt Bae Salted Leonardo DiCaprio's Meat

There’s gotta be more to the Salt Bae story. Becoming a meme is one thing but becoming a meme and then parlaying that into salting Leonardo DiCaprio’s meat is a whole different thing. Is this dude just really good at salting meats and he just so happens to have an awesome finishing sprinkle move was well? That I could understand more easily. If he makes dynamite meat then we’re all good here. I basically just need to know if he was a known entity among celebrities before he went super viral or if he’s now a known entity with celebrities because he went super viral. It’s gotta be the former because I don’t see our guy Leo getting his meat salted by some weirdo internet guy. Leo only gets his meat salted by the best meat slaters in all the land. Either way, have a goddamn couple of months Salt Bae. On top of the world.

PS- Rickie Fowler (who has also had his meat salted by Salt Bae) paid homage to him at the Waste Management in Phoenix (AKA the #StoolieOpen) today