Travis Scott Went Tumbling Through A Hole On Stage At A Drake Concert

Lots of stage mishaps today huh? First we had Britney Spears showing a little tit and now we’ve got Travis Scott falling through the stage last night at a Drake concert. Scott falling was funny enough but Drake’s response to it is what made it laugh out loud funny for me. Drake just watched his hip hop pal probably fall and break his legs/maybe die and what’s his response to it? “That’s turnt” A guy falling through a giant hole is so damn turnt. Fucking hilarious. The show must go on. Drake has so much pull in popular culture right now that I wouldn’t be the least bit shocked if teens around the world start purposely falling into holes then having their friends say, “That’s turnt” That might be the next viral sensation right there.

PS- Is there a weirder feeling in the world than taking a step assuming there’s gonna be something there and it not being there? Like when you’re walking up a flight of stairs? In that split second you think the world has folded onto itself and you’re about to fall in to a giant pit of doom. That’s gotta be how Travis Scott felt.