Elementary School Teacher Breaks Out 17 Unique Handshakes For All Of His Students

One of the more impressive videos you’ll see all year and we’re only at the beginning of February. There was only one little hiccup in that entire lineup and I’m gonna have to go ahead and blame the little girl for that. 17 kids, 17 different handshakes, one electrifying classroom. How much do you think the other kids in that school who aren’t in Mr. White’s class hate their teacher? You think Mrs. Fitzgerald is dabbing and hittin dem folks with her students? Shit no. She’s too busy boring everybody to death with the Pythagorean Theorem that NOBODY EVER USES once you’re out of school. Unless, of course, you’re an architect or some bullshit job like that. But still. This man right here is a leader. This man right here is a man who I am fully confident in sculpting the minds of America’s youths.

Education needs a hype man. I’ve been saying this for a while. Education needs to come harder if they want guys like Cardale Jones to actually go there to play school. You put one hype man in every classroom and you’ll start to see results instantaneously. Starting with Barry White Jr’s classroom right here. Is… is he… is he that Barry White Jr? Or is this just like another Michael Bolton coincidence? Because if he’s THE Barry White’s son, then I take back everything I just said. This isn’t impressive anymore, it’s just exactly what you’d expect out of Barry White’s son.

P.S. – I don’t want to harp on the kid too much since he might be like 9 years old, but obviously the white kid’s dap up was going to be lacking in the swag department. Kid was set up for failure from the get go.

Now cue the “maybe he should focus on teaching the kids instead of dapping them up” comments.