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Kendall Jenner Showed Off Her Nipple Some More On Instagram And That's Pretty Cool If You Like Things Like That

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A girl I know sent me this today with an enthusiastic “Did you see Kendall’s last post on Instagram?” (thanks to the #SpagsPromise in the Tinder roundups a substantial portion of my life now consists of being sent see through nipples by people, it’s an odd feeling to say the least) And I really couldn’t muster up a lot of enthusiasm. I like Kendall. She’s hot, a legitimate model and probably the hottest Kardashian or Jenner in terms of beauty that wasn’t bought in a plastic surgeon’s catalog. But I’ve seen her nipples almost as much as I’ve seen my own within the last calendar year, there’s nothing new here.

And that’s why I’m a Kylie guy. I admire Kendall for freeing the nipple as often as she does, really. But there’s a game of cat and mouse with Kylie, a little strategy of meting out the goods over the course of time, possible sex tape leaks, there’s mystery. It’s the classic “put out on the first date or make a guy wait” situation; I like Kendall, I respect her putting out on the first date with her nipples time and again. But I love Kylie for making me earn it. The moment she fully unleashes the hounds is going to be a special one. Kendall…congrats on all the success and tighter body and whatever but I’m only halfheartedly into you, I know that breaks your heart but I have to say it up front. So I’ll look at the rest of these photos but I won’t do it enthusiastically. I’m saving my internet boners for Kylie.

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And one bonus of KYLIE DA GOD