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NOT GOOD: Delaware Inmates Take Over Prison And Are Holding Guards Hostage

New Castle – Inmates at a Delaware maximum-security prison have taken over the building and are taking guards hostage, local news outlets reported on Wednesday. Department of Correction response teams and state police are responding to the hostage situation at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, according to Wilmington’s News Journal. Emergency responders from Pennsylvania also went to the scene, a local NBC affiliate reported. “The inmates have taken over a building,” said Rep. William Carson, a state lawmaker and member of the Delaware House Corrections Committee, according to the News Journal. Details of the situation were scarce, but Geoff Klopp, President of the Correctional Officers Association of Delaware, reportedly said three to five correctional officers had been taken hostage. Firefighters rushed to the scene after receiving reports of smoke, and were being held on standby, according to the Associated Press. Helicopters could also be seen over the prison. No injuries have been reported, and Department of Correction spokeswoman Jayme Gravell said the situation provided no threat to the public.

Well ain’t this some scary shit. It’s rarely good when the inmates start running the prison/asylum. Even at Barstool HQ it would seem like a noble and even justifiable notion, but it wouldn’t work out for the best. So it’s going to be interesting to see how this one plays out. Like, what’s the inmates end game, really? It’s not like they’re going to deliver a helicopter for all of them to jet set to the nearest nonextraditable country. If anything they should go the wild route and request the most insane shit possible. Pull an Airheads and order a football helmet filled with cottage cheese so the insanity plea plays better. As long as nobody gets hurt, go nuts. But heaven help these assholes to society if someone does become a victim. Sadly, it’s happened before. I guess the most famous would be from 1971 when 41 prisoners and guards were killed at Attica. Hopefully it never, ever gets that serious.

Good thing Facebook Live is on the scene, which is amazing if you think about it. Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee, Barstool Electric Chairs/Date Night, and now live prison riots. Is there nothing Zuckerberg doesn’t rub his nuts all over?