Ray Lewis Tries to Explain Why He Hates the Patriots

“Any time that you’re caught in some of the things that the Patriots was caught in, right? When you think about the scandals, the cheating and all these things, then you lose the respect of certain people. The way the game should be played. … I don’t have to respect nobody but the Baltimore Ravens. My legacy is simple. My legacy is purple. Anything else, I don’t agree with. That’s the bottom line. …

“Tom Brady … might be the best quarterback that we’ve ever seen play this game. That’s just factual. Now when it comes to if being hated or not, I’m just, that’s just me. I don’t like nothing about the New England Patriots. I never have. That’s just me. That’s just me. That’s just me because of my culture and everything we came from.”

-Ray Lewis, January 31, 2017

I know I’m taking a risk saying this to a man who beat a double homicide rap, but Ray Lewis can eat a big bucket of dicks.

I mean, he can call the Patriots cheaters and say he hates them all he wants. But this spunktrumpet does not get to say Tom Brady is the best quarterback ever. Not on my watch. The GOAT’s name on Ray Lewis’ lips is like hemlock poured into my ears and I won’t stand for it. As long as Bud & Irene Thornton’s baby boy is drawing a breath, Ray Lewis doesn’t get to say nice things about Brady. Not ever.

As for the rest of this stammering, incomprehensible diatribe? Bring it on. Having this inarticulate, phony religious, blood-splattered, Deer Antler Spray enthusiast hate us is a badge of honor everyone in New England wears like a medal on our chest. His legacy is blood red. That’s the bottom line. That’s just factual. That’s our culture and everything we came from.

But keep putting him on, FS1. Keep giving a forum to this marble-mouthed convicted felon. It’ll help explain why you had more people on set than you have viewers.