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A Woman Says Spirit Airlines Kicked Her Off Because Of Her Heftyyyy Cleavage

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Local 10 – A South Florida woman claims she was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight from New Orleans to Fort Lauderdale because of the way she was dressed.

“It’s not even about money. I was really embarrassed,” the woman, who didn’t want to be named, said in a telephone interview with Local 10 News.

At least two passengers took to Facebook after the incident and posted that the flight attendants told the woman “her bosom was too exposed.”

Another passenger, who didn’t know the woman, was also removed from that flight Sunday after she stepped in to defend the woman.

Spirit claims a flight attendant made the suggestion to cover up, but that’s not why the woman was told to leave. [A spokesman] said the woman was intoxicated and a flight attendant spoke to her about it.

“Nobody was taken off a plane because of cleavage,” Spirit spokesman Paul Berry said. “People are taken off of planes because of their behavior.”

Here’s one of the Facebook posts from a passenger horrified at the busty injustices being foisted upon that brave unidentified traveler:

Just when it looked like the situation at airports across our country couldn’t get worse, now it seems like airlines are targeting another group desperately in need of representation: Busty possibly drunk girls. Now I admit I may have rushed to judgment in previous situations involving altercations on airlines but this time I feel fully in the right here. Namely because it’s Spirit Airlines we’re talking here. You’re the budget airline, you gouge anyone and everyone for everything including bringing a bag on a plane, and you also happen to offer cheap alcohol deals in bulk purchases. Whether she’s just a glorious lil titmonster or had a few too many wobbly pops, there’s no reason to be kicking her off the plane given that Spirit is the Greyhound of flight, a last resort of transit better saved for kids running away from home or poor people who’ve had to wield a knife in a public setting. Spirit casting judgment on someone for anything short of masturbating in the cabin and flinging semen around like Multiple Miggs is an overreach on their part. Know your lane.

Plus I simply won’t stand by and watch innocent women be shamed for their fat tits. She’s already paying prices in the form of more expensive bras and lower back pain, why must we target her further AND suffer the greatest big tit indignity of having to cover them up? And Spirit Airlines doesn’t even have TVs do they? This girl was not only not hurting anyone, she was also providing some inflight entertainment that they were too cheap to offer themselves. Quite frankly this just makes me angrier the more I think, I can only hope the National Association of Busty People come together to win some hearts and minds here and/or offer me a cornucopia of motorboating opportunities for standing up for them. Either is acceptable.

(h/t Pat)