Budweiser's Coming Out Hot With An Immigration-Themed Super Bowl Ad This Year

Tfw when your fellow discriminated peoples also appreciate a good Moleskin notebook:


Based on how things go, this ad’s thinly veiled parallels to issues in America today will lead to a boycott and then a boycott of the boycott and everyone will tweet at Budweiser “Hey stick to beer.” But this is a pretty great ad Budweiser has here. The production’s great, making us feel all sorts of old school American Dream things at a time where the country’s so divided, and the plot twist of Anheuser meeting Busch at the end was some enjoyable little storytelling.

And I also respect Budweiser for continuing to go above and beyond what you may expect from a beer commercial with their Super Bowl ads. The classic Puppy Love ad, the Hero’s Welcome one (I’m going to put them both below), and now this…I don’t often praise the artistic accomplishments of companies trying to make me buy shit but they do a great job with this stuff. And I’m as in on them having a point about our country’s current situation as anyone. Even after being acquired by a foreign conglomerate, Budweiser is more ingrained in America than a million protestors or Twitter eggs with their idea of what our country is about. They built their legacy on being a part of Americana and have been getting our people drunk for like a century at this point. As crazy as it sounds, if Budweiser speaks, I’m going to listen. And if they tell me that some Syrian refugee might come up with a 11% ABV light beer that doesn’t make me feel bloated or get a hangover in the next 20 years, I’m willing to keep an open mind. Budweiser has earned that trust.

Puppy Love still wins in my book because of the dogs and the Clydesdales basically robbing a dude and the will they-won’t they romance but I won’t blame you for wanting to support the troops either.