Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Arrested For Breaking Into An Iowa Frat House And Stealing Clothes And Phone Chargers?

hair line robber

Iowa Press-Citizen- Iowa City Police say 34-year-old Jason T. Jenney entered Tau Kappa Epsilon, 302 Ridgeland Ave., through an unlocked back door at 1:35 a.m. Tuesday. A resident found Jenney holding a pile of clothing and chargers, according to police. Jenney fled the fraternity house but was located by police about two blocks away, police say. Jenney told officers he initially entered the house because he was looking for a man named Jeff, according to police.

Real life moment this morning when I saw that mug shot.  The first thing I did was laugh as any normal person would.  The face tattoos, the face piercings, the hairline, the reason he got arrested.  All good.  All reasons to make fun of him.  At least that was until I realized this guy’s hairline is pretty much like looking into the future for me.  Wasn’t so funny after coming to that realization.  It’s no secret that my hairline is racing at break neck speed to the back of my skull.  There’s nothing I can do about it.  It’s happening whether I like it or not (I don’t like it).  I have an older brother and we have the exact same hairline except he’s a couple years ahead of me so I sort of know where things are headed.  But this Jason Jenney guy threw that into over drive.  Here I was all set to write a blog about how big of an idiot this guy is for breaking into a frat house and stealing stuff but instead it became a sobering moment about just how fucked my hairline/life is.  What do I do now?  Get my face pierced and tattooed, give in and just start stealing frat guys phone chargers?  Kinda feels like my destiny at this point.

PS- If you’re like me and happen to be cursed with a receding hairline what’s the best way to cover up it up and hide your embarassment?  Well a Barstool New Era snapback of course!  Problem solved.

snap back stool