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Well What Do You Know, Ginger Francis Doesn't Have Cancer After All #StayWoke

Well, well, well, whatdya know? Yesterday Ginge signs his employment papers for Barstool, today at 4:30 he gets a “phone call” out of god damn nowhere finding out he doesn’t have cancer. What a wild coincidence, wouldn’t ya say!?

It goes deeper though. On Monday of Barstool Idol week he is in the bottom 2, on Tuesday, whispers of cancer start taking over the office. A story line is born. He records a flames, absolutely flames song about his cancer. Wipes the floor with the other Idol contestants, and the rest is history.

No denying the kid is super talented. Which only helps the fake cancer theory more. Guy is an actor. He writes and directs all his videos himself. This was one of the most well-constructed, well-put together schemes I’ve ever seen. Nobody is even mad, just impressed. Amazed. What a fucking talent this guy is. Faked cancer to get a job at Barstool. Well fucking done.