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President Trump Called Madonna 'Disgusting' In The Most Inarguable Statement He'll Ever Have

Women's March on Washington - Rally

TMZ – President Donald Trump went after Madonna big time Thursday night, calling Madonna “disgusting” for musing out loud she was thinking of “blowing up the White House.”

Trump went on Sean Hannity’s show on FNC and did not hold back. He thinks the singer not only hurt herself very badly by the comment, she hurt the cause for which she was fighting.

My argument against all the protesting and bawwing against our new President was that there hasn’t been enough time for him to do things to earn all the wrath. You didn’t like how he campaigned, you don’t like his persona, whatever, but let him speak with his actions and see how our country shakes out. Fair is fair.

And in my humble opinion, this is a phenomenal first declaration by My President, Donald John Trump. I am SO fucking SICK of Madonna. She’s tries to be relevant while still thinking she’s got the sex appeal she had 30 years ago, she looks like one of those Halloween lawn witches that make scary noises when you walk by, and she says dumb disrespectful bullshit about how we should “blow up the White House.” She’s just fucking garbage, so past irrelevant, so out of touch with her put-on British accents, she’s not living in our reality. But because she needs to be sooooo edgy while also desperately clinging to relevance, she says anti-American things like that, she flops her disgusting ass implants around and embarrasses herself, it’s just like enough with the fucking Madonna. Lock her away somewhere with some shameless young cock to feed her like the vampire she is and let her live out her days in pasture.

Make America Great Again, Mr. President. End Madonna for all of us (me, mostly me).

PS Come at me again Madonna fans, I’ve got the President on my side and you just KNOW he’s down to jump in the muck with some gross Twitter beasts