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This GIF Of Pete Carroll Is Perfection



No not this one, this one.


Just walking up and down the sidelines like a 19th century oil baron. He knows his defense is unstoppable. He knows his running back and quarterback can take them to the Super Bowl and he’s going stomp on your grave with a wry smile while he chomps on his gum. I love it. Nothing better than knowing you’re the best. Pimp walk all over the place.
Unrelated but related. Do people like Pete Carroll? I feel like he is extremely polarizing. I personally love him. The NFL in particular and world in general is full of people that take life too seriously, always frowning and being serious and saying how much life sucks and their job is the worst. Pete Carroll is the exact opposite. Loves life, loves having fun, loves smiling and goofing around. He’s a breath of fresh air in my mind. Can’t have enough guys like that.