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Barstool Afterparty: The Bachelor Is Back Tonight On Facebook Live At 10pm With Rone

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Another Monday another edition of the Barstool Afterparty: The Bachelor edition. As always it’ll be on Facebook Live immediately after The Bachelor airs. Last week it was me, Kelly Keegs, Pres and Olivia Caridi. Shoutout to Olivi for stopping through. This week it’ll be me, Kelly Keegs, Pres and Rone. How about Rone being a Bachelor super fan outta nowhere? I don’t know much but I’d be willing to bet the the middle of a venn digram between Bachelor Fans and Championship Battle Rappers would be Rone all by himself. Not exactly two things that are connected in any way, shape or form Anyway. He’s gonna come on and discuss Crazy Corinne, Angel Vanessa and whatever else happens in tonight’s episode. Tune in. 10pm sharp.

Barstool Afterparty: The Bachelor on Facebook Live MONDAY NIGHT 10 PM