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Woman Demands Man Next To Her On Flight Switch Seats Because He Voted For Trump And "Put His Finger On The Nuclear Button," Promptly Kicked Off Plane As The Crowd Goes Wild


Daily MailPassengers clapped and cheered when a woman was taken off an airplane after angrily berating a Trump supporter.

Footage shared online Saturday shows the woman telling a flight attendant she would like the man next to her to change seats, before telling the man: ‘You pretend you have the moral high ground but you put that man’s finger on the nuclear button.’

An employee on the plane can then be seen telling her she will have to leave the aircraft. The woman tries to say that she will be quiet and that she is traveling to Seattle with her husband because his mother died – to no avail.

Another video shows the woman being escorted off the plane by a police officer as passengers rejoice.

Is there anything…anything at all…worse than this woman and the people like her? I mean I don’t know exactly how this situation started. I don’t know if this dude was like waving a Trump T-shirt around his head while chanting BUILD THE WALL or something, if he did something that set her off. But considering everyone else on the plane is just sitting there calmly and there doesn’t seem to be any problem especially with the flight attendants, I’m going to assume he wasn’t doing anything that outrageous? Maybe just sitting there with an inauguration pin on? In which case yes, woman who decides her political opinions are so important she has to disrupt an entire airplane and demand seating changes, you are the one every normal person hates.

The poster, identified on Facebook as Scott Koteskey, shared the video Saturday, the day after the inauguration, recounting what he called his ‘craziest experience ever on an airplane’.

He said he was the man in the video who told a flight attendant the situation began when he said he had come to celebrate.

‘Is there going to be a problem?’ the flight attendant asks.

The woman tells the flight attendant she would like him to change seats.

‘Well, you don’t have that right,’ the flight attendant replies, adding that she will get someone else.

Meanwhile the woman talks to the man, telling him, ‘You put that man’s finger on the nuclear button’ and adding: ‘That man doesn’t believe in climate change. Do you believe in gravity? Did you know gravity’s just a theory?’

Another member of staff arrives and tells the woman she is going to have to leave the plane.

‘I’m going home now. My mother-in-law – his mother died,’ the woman says, pointing to her husband.

But the employee insists that she and her husband have to get off the aircraft.

Another video shared Saturday by Koteskey shows the woman being taken off the plane, followed by a police officer.

Other passengers can be heard clapping and cheering, with one of them chanting: ‘USA!’

Like we’re on a flight lady. Already stressed out and anxious and annoyed. The absolute last thing in the world that anyone wants to hear right now is your thoughts on the presidential election.

Nuclear proliferation. Climate change. Gravity. Bitch I am trying to get to fucking Seattle. That’s it. How about this, how about I give you 4.99 for a one hour Boingo pass, you write a guest blog for Huffington Post about everything you’re feeling, then forward me over the link so I can read your berating of me in peace and quiet with my headphones on without disturbing all the poor people around us who just want to get home.