A Group Of Sarah Lawrence College Chicks Have A Real Weird Proposition For Some Dude On Tinder


I don’t know what kind of con these chicks from a classic chick-dominant liberal arts college like Sarah Lawrence are planning. I don’t know if this is some social experiment, some class project, or if these are the most empowered group of women embracing the life of sister wives that you’ll ever meet. I mean maybe some pockets of feminism have come so far full circle that they’re willing to do some classic emperor concubine situation? You simply don’t know. But if you find even half of them attractive, it’s worth a shot. Taxes, computer science, it seems like you’ve got some real earners there. If they’re willing to keep an open mind and collectively learn the difference between who’s and whose, I think there’s real potential here with six pack pussy life.

And HEY what’s up you’re smack dab in another week of the internet’s number one Tinder roundup. And since Swipe Drunk Love talked about cheating last night with Vanderpump Rules star Jax Taylor, it’s time for you to double the Spags double the pleasure and listen or watch below:

Jax was a good sport and juuuuust the right amount of creep and is MASSIVE in the chick community so give it a shot, Smitty, Alyssa and I are doing what we can to bring something different to the Barstool world. As always make sure to follow me on Twitter and DM in your screenshots, thanks to the folks who sent things in, and now let’s commence with the blog:


(via S)


26-year-old former Smokeshows showing off their Smokeshow pics still are are priiiiime swipe right candidates (via K)


(via MW)


a href=”https://cdn.barstoolsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/20/SSH2-andalsodirectlycorrelatedtotheamountoffunaguywouldhavewithheriimagine.jpeg”>SSH2-andalsodirectlycorrelatedtotheamountoffunaguywouldhavewithheriimagine

And also directly correlated to the amount of fun a guy would have with her, I imagine (via SSH)


I want to hate her but her role in Ghostbusters was pretty great (via JJ)


This chick kinda seems like a badass I dunno why (via TM)


Riggs’ eyes look different here, can’t figure out why (via FB)



This week’s reminder you had no clue until the last line (via R)


People dying in the Sahara aren’t as thirsty as Gabs here (via TM)


“Also I swear I’m not the guy friend writing this, no sir, definitely a woman and this is how a woman talks. Lol! purses and shoes!” (via AP)


She’s been in the blog before with a different photo but you understand why I’m just gonna run this again and now ask questions (via TC)


This week’s reminder you’d probably fuck a methy looking trans girl in the butt (via DM)


Hopefully she’s not lactose intolerant (via MH)


I’m tired of all these other non OSHA compliant fuck girls (via BK)



Some profiles just scream class (via MWJ)


Your competition for the week looks like a thing I cannot jokingly call him in this blog or it’d get us sued like KFC did a few years back (via M)


This is a cliché bio but we employ Asa Akira now so I’ll dust it off in her honor (via LC)


I’m sure her blogs on XOJane about fucking without shaving or whatever wouldn’t make me vomit up my Chipotle at all (via DS)


Tod and Gordo would fight to the death over this Canadian Football Gal (via A)


Even odds that this girl has ZERO clue that this dude is doing this and probably masturbating vigorously to the messages he gets (via A)


(via KDS)


Name that very esoteric reference! Answer at the end of the blog (via CC)


Lauren has unreasonable standards but I like her tits so here we are (via JR)



Don’t tread on us Claire. You bitch. (via TT)


Big dog big tits American flag AKA the dream (via AC)



You simply have to respect a chick this thirsty for some big black cuckolding cock (via PM)


Oh to be Gronk and have women find a story like that to be charming (via CD)

And onto the hot and NSFWish ones….


Classic 23-year-old mom of two profile (via B)


Nathan for You references and slugging booze from the bottle is a fast route to my heart (via JL)


I bet this is an Asian girl based solely off the name and hair and it pains me I can’t find out if my guess is right no matter how much I yell “turn around” at my screen (via BW)


I wish you could hear me deeply sigh when I have to post one of these kinds of #SpagsPromises but I’m a slave to the art (via RP)


More like Kiester University. because she has a great ass, you see (via T)


A vintage Rachel from Friends #SpagsPromise, impossible not to include this week (via VC)


The fact that we didn’t have a bunch of Finnish immigrants going through Ellis Island has to be a big American regret (via TK)


(via LDG)


My officially approved social media follow of the week and sadly the answer to her username is not “My face” (via CC)


The fitness, the little side tat, the #SpagsPromise, everything here is a home run (via CS)


I know there have been a lot of these #SpagsPromises over the last few weeks but I’m getting literally hundreds of see through nips a week now and dammit I made a pledge to show them all to you (via ADV)

And there we have it, another week in the books. The answer to the Esoteric Reference of the Week: The Eric Andre Show. Thanks for reading, thanks to all the people who watched Swipe Drunk Love, thanks to the folks who sent things in and will follow and DM me their screenshots this week and, of course, happy swiping!