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NFL Network Leaves One of the Four QBs Out of Their Championship Weekend Promo. Guess Which One.


Cue all the anti-Brady jihadists saying “Oh, cut the shit. You can’t read anything into this. Patriots fans are paranoid idiots.” And to that I say again, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you.

Seriously, what other conclusion could any rational mind draw other than the NFL’s Ministry of Propaganda is trolling Brady with this? What, they ran out of time? There was only space in the graphic for three quarterbacks? So how did they decide Brady had to go? Blind draw? There are people saying that this is the best collection of QBs ever to make it to the league’s final four. And here’s the NFL’s media arm deciding they want to promote three of them. I’m less insulted by the slight on TB12 than the fact they think anyone would think it’s inadvertent.

But I’m not complaining; merely drawing attention. I don’t want the sleights and disrespect to ever stop. It’ll just make the country’s salt tears that much more delicious when he’s cramming the LomBrady Trophy up Roger Goodell’s sphincter.