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The Most Beautiful Tribute To The University Of Illinois Ever, Just Kidding I Want To Tear My Ear Drums Out


“I’m not a singer”


Could’ve fooled me there. Fire Jam. Top of the charts stuff. Now excuse me while I take my eardrums out of my skull and throw them down a mine shaft, then blow the whole thing up with an atomic bomb.


Also, here’s a tip for anyone who is lucky enough to still be in college. You or one of your friends will undoubtedly end up being “I wish I was still in College” guy. Now don’t get me wrong, the feeling of wanting to still be in college is fine, I would love to be 20 years old again, but outwardly expressing that feeling at every turn is most definitely not. You don’t want to be the guy who is always telling college stories and talking about how much they miss it and trying to recreate “the magic”. That guy ends up being stuck in the past, depressing to be around and will wind up making a song about U of I that makes everyone want to kill themselves. Don’t be that guy. Besides, the first few years out of college sneaky might be better than college. When you are still young and actually have money that you can spend, extremely underrated.