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Siena Coach Jimmy Patsos Was Forced To Handshake The Air After Tonight's Game Because Rider Coaches And Players Left The Court Without Shaking Hands

Look at Gentleman Jimmy trying to spread some of that famous Loudonville sportsmanship with nobody on the receiving end. Classy as FUCK. I guess some teams can’t handle the heat of #MAACtion on a Tuesday night and need to get their asses out of the kitchen. That’s just the difference between the Siena Saints and Rider Broncs. One is the amongst the giants of the MAAC with conference defining moments (ONIONS, DOUBLE ORDER!) while the other is a forgotten college in the running with the St. Peter’s Peacocks for worst name in the conference that pulls bullshit like this.

But the real story here is that Siena has won four in a row and is starting to get hot in a season where the MAAC Tournament is at the Times Union Center. And once that happens, there is no telling what can happen (Probably a first round exit or maybe a loss in the round of 32 since Trent and the Hawkeyes stole Fran from us and he had Iowa pull a Rider a few weeks ago but whatever. Jimmy made Rider his bitches tonight and secured another notch in his legendary belt).


And I’m not saying this will catapult Siena to a tourney appearance, but they mayyyy just want to make sure those dancing shoes still fit.