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Sad Day In Dog World, Diesel The NIU Mascot Will Be Retired Tonight At The Western Michigan/Northern Illinois Game

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DEKALB, Ill. — Northern Illinois’ blue-eyed husky mascot is retiring after spending nine years on the sidelines. The high-fiving canine is a furry fixture at Huskies games along with his owner, Tom Bonnevier. The school’s athletics director, Sean Frazier, says in a statement that Diesel “has become the face of Huskie football.” The university says 10-year-old Diesel will be honored during Tuesday night’s game against Western Michigan. Once he becomes the school’s “mascot emeritus,” he’ll be replaced by a husky named Mission. The new mascot is nearly 2-years-old. The 18th-ranked team remains unbeaten this season and is hoping for a second consecutive BCS bid.


Well MACtion tonight just took on a little bit of a somber tone. Diesel the Northern Illinois Husky high fiving his last home game after 9 years. All I’m going to say is this, if NIU goes to a BCS bowl game and doesn’t bring Diesel with, it will be the ultimate injustice. This may be Diesel’s last home game but it sure as shit better not be his last game in general.


Also, if NIU wanted to do it right, they’d have Jordan Lynch come out in a sleigh powered by Diesel and Mission. Passing of the torch ceremony with 2 NIU legends and the newcomer. I should honestly be an AD somewhere.



NIU 1h -21, lock that shit up and throw away the key.