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Michael's Scenes With Toby Are The Best Acting In TV History

Binge watching The Office for like the 8th time and fired this tweet off over the weekend –

– and just had to do a quick followup.

Listen saying The Office is in the top 2 TV comedies of all time is not news. It’s my personal #1 but Seinfeld is also a correct answer there that I won’t argue with. The Office is not underrated. It’s very properly rated. But the one thing that really stood out on this re-viewing specifically was the Michael and Toby scenes. Arguably the funniest parts of the series and just unreal acting from Steve Carrell. The facial expressions. The timing. The lines. Everything is A+ perfect, every time.

Again I’m not breaking any news here but I feel like it deserved a shoutout reminder and at the very least a trip down memory lane with some classic clips.

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 2.07.46 PM