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Barstool Afterparty: The Bachelor Is BACK Tonight On Facebook Live With Special Guest Olivia Caridi

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Annnnnnnnd we’re back! We took last week off because apparently people wanted to watch the National Championship but Barstool Afterparty: The Bachelor will be back tonight on Facebook Live after the show. Me, Pres and Kelly Keegs will give our reactions and break down everything from that night’s episode AND we’ll be joined by very special guest Olivia Caridi. In case you don’t remember who she is (even though you should if you’re a regular watcher of The Bachelor) she was the villain from Ben Higgins’. She was diabolical and awesome and had cankles and also got left on an island in the rain. She’s gonna come through Barstool HQ, talk about the current crop of girls on the show and talk about her past experiences on the show. It’s gonna be lit. Be sure to tune in.

Barstool Afterparty: The Bachelor on Facebook Live MONDAY NIGHT 10 PM