Fox 29 In Philly Wishes Boxing Legend Joe Frazier, Who Has Been Dead Since 2011, A Happy 73rd Birthday

Waaaaait just a minute here. What did you idiots just say? Happy birthday, Joe Frazier? Are you kidding me? You can’t be serious. Today is January 11th, 2017. And you’re wishing JOE FRAZIER a happy 73rd birthday? As if his birthday isn’t January 12th.


Jesus. How dumb could you guys possibly be? And oh yeah, there’s also that one part where Joe Frazier died over 5 years ago. And with that being the case, I am TERRIFIED at the fact that Smokin’ Joe is going to be meeting up with friends and supporters at City Hall tonight. Because that means one thing and one thing only. Zombies!!!! And not just any zombies. But boxing legend zombies. I’ve watched the SyFy channel before. I know how this story goes and it ain’t pretty.

Happy birthday, Joe!!! Really is a legend.

P.S. – I hope this is a Ron Burgandy type of scenario we have on our hands here. Where somebody really has it in for the Good Day crew and put that up on the teleprompter knowing they’d read whatever is up there. Either that or they’re all just brain dead. Seems like the latter.

h/t Crossing Broad