Meek Mill Is An L-Taking Machine, Slips and Falls Down Some Icy Steps At His Mom's House

This was suuuuuuuuuuper funny until I realized Meek was the one who posted it on his Instagram for everyone to see. That makes it a lot less fun as a viewer. Self aware Ls aren’t nearly as funny as Ls that are from out in the wild. However, this is smart business by Meek. Maybe taking Ls will just become his thing from now on. He’s pretty damn good at it if you hadn’t noticed. Ls on Ls on Ls on Ls for the Philly rapper. He started a completely random beef with Drake and got his brains bashed in by the actor-turned-singer-turned-rapper. Most recently he was broken up with by the most famous female hip hop artist in the world (and oh by the way she’s pretty good looking too). Now he’s slipping and sliding like all over the place outside his mom’s house like Bambi. But again, he can just make this his brand. It’s not an ideal market to corner in the egotistical, hyperbolic world of hip hop but taking Ls might just have to be Meek’s new avenue.

And then there was of course this. Just a very sad picture of Meek after his break up with Nicki

Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 9.36.24 AM

Meek Mill needs a W more than Full Time Tex needs a W.