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Hot Corinne From The Bachelor Is A Super Villain

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CORINNE. Every thing about her, from top to bottom, is that trashy hot that only comes along once in a while. Sure, there’s plenty of slutty chicks out there. But there’s not many that have that diabolical edge and the propensity to do it in front of millions of people. Her willingness to take out her tits, her drunk slur, fuck, even that name…CORINNE…just screams “I’m willing to be a slut on national tv.”

In a way she’s like the female Chad. Chad was must see TV because he was the electric combination of blacked out and roid rage 24 hours a day. Corinne is appointment television because I swear to god she might suck a dick on national TV soon. If you told me Corinne gives the first ever blow job on the Bachelor I wouldnt bat an eyelash. Shes that competitive. Shes that slutty. I mean just look at those yearbook quotes. Weezy, Paris Hilton, and a quote specifically about being a crazy person from Dr. Seuss. This chick has been cultivating her slutty crazy nature since the beginning. You merely adopted the crazy. She was born in it, molded by it. She’s in her comfort zone right now, competing against like 30 other chicks that have no idea how to handle this tornado of wine and sex. Shes the drunkest and the loudest and she WONT STOP WINNING. This chick has roses coming out of her fucking asshole. And she just might show you it, too.