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Sieve. That’s it. This Defense is so riddled with injury and below average players it’s officially a sieve. Offense did their best (minus the worst goal line O in the history of football) but the D just couldn’t make a stop. You know how many yards the Rams we’re averaging on the ground coming into today? 99.4. You know how many yards they had today? 261, and that’s with their starting running back going out with a concussion at halftime. Can’t win when a team runs on you like that, it’s impossible. Brutal.


1 Silver lining is that the NFC North has officially become a race to the bottom. Lions losing to the Bucs at home is unreal. Every team 6-5 with the Packers and Lions playing a de-facto elimination game on Thanksgiving day.





It ultimately didn’t matter, and I’ve been the biggest supporter of Trestman being agressive, but going for it on 4th and goal down 10 with 8 minutes left in the third made ZERO sense. Cheap shot field goal, one score game, have to kick that one, just have to.