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So Last Night Was Real

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PORTLAND, Ore. – Friday marked one of those nights where blowing a 21-point lead and losing a basketball game became secondary.In a scene painfully familiar to one from April 2012, Derrick Rose left the Bulls’ 98-95 loss to the Trail Blazers with a right knee injury suffered on a non-contact play late in the third quarter.

Coach Tom Thibodeau said Rose would undergo an MRI exam on Saturday in Los Angeles, where the team flew overnight Friday “He has pain and it felt like he couldn’t push off his right knee,” Thibodeau said. “I’m concerned. Any time anyone goes down, you’re concerned. But I don’t want to speculate until we get more information.” While no immediate word came regarding its severity, Rose couldn’t put weight on the leg as training staff personnel escorted him to the locker room after Marquis Teague replaced him. Rose, who didn’t address reporters afterward, also used crutches to hobble in and out of the shower after the game.



So that happened. I knew it did, but I was still holding out hope that by the time I woke up it was all just a sprain. MRI today, but let’s be honest, it’s going to be bad news. I hope to god it isn’t but I’ve basically gotten myself ready for the very worst. Non Contact injuries are always bad. Hurting your good knee after an ACL tear is not un-common, everything sucks.


And let me just say this, even if you aren’t a Bulls or D-Rose fan you have to realize how shitty this is. You have to feel awful for him because he will most likely never be the same player again. He’ll be back, but his game will never be the same. 2 years ago he was a top 5 NBA talent with 15 years of basketball in front of him. Watching him play basketball was a truly enjoyable experience, when he would kick into D-Rose drive, that extra gear that no one else on the court seemed to have, that was special, and we may have lost that forever and that just sucks.