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Turns Out Best Buy's "Geek Squad" Is A Bunch Of Spies For The FBI

Inside Geek Squad Computer Electronics Repair Facilities

Daily MailThe FBI has been accused of paying a Best Buy ‘Geek Squad’ worker $500 to snoop through the files of a prominent surgeon – who was revealed to have child pornography images on his computer.

Orange County doctor Mark A. Rettenmaier, who specializes in gynecologic oncology, was indicted in November 2014 on two counts of possession of child pornography.

The first thing I want to address is that if you’re still taking your computer to the Geek Squad you’re a fucking idiot. The hell is wrong with you? I thought those mutants died off with Windows 2.0. I thought now they just ran a small branch where you bring in a Discman and they turn it into a drone or something. But bringing in your actual real-life computer that you actually use to survive and handing it over to these freaks? You’re dumb.

Of course they are spies for the FBI. These people are the worst technicians on the planet. There’s startup after startup that will throw a million dollars at you if you can like turn on a light or screw a couple pieces of hardware together. But no, these clowns are holding down the Geek Squad at Best Buy? Essentially a small notch above the door greeters. Snooping a couple hard drives for kiddie porn in between turns of shining up the tires on the Geek Squad Volkswagen. Yeah no fucking shit they’re taking rewards from the FBI.

If you take your computer to these psychos you’ll get the worst technical assistance there is AND plus a handful of kiddie porn felonies. A little harsh but it’s what you deserve.

PS — How smart is the FBI? Perfect targeting.

“Hey where do we think we can hone in on kiddie porn freaks?”

“Literally anyone who takes their computer to the Best Buy Geek Squad.”